Lyme Disease

Have you been diagnosed with or suspect you may be suffering from Lyme Disease? 

Flooding your body with antibiotics is not the answer. True healing comes from a multi-faceted approach which includes supplements and dietary changes as well as meditation and spiritual awareness around chronic illness.

A Message from Miriam

I consider myself a Lyme Warrior, having been diagnosed three times in the past 8 year with Lyme as well as its coinfections. Each time I up a mighty fight with some conventional medicine but MOST importantly through alternatives and what we now call FUNCTIONAL medicine options. I attribute my positive healing experiences to balancing the medical/physical perspectives with the emotional/spiritual side. There is no mistaking the power of healing I have received from yoga, meditation, energy work and surrendering to the Divine through my music. My sincere wish is to share...
*Why we need to be so vigilant about the foods we put in our body.
*Why we need to detox.
*Why we need to get rid of candidiasis.
*Why we need to get rid of "leaky gut" syndrome."
*Why we need to learn to listen to our body to heal.
Every body is different. What works for some people, may not work for others. The chances of healing increase immensely when looking at different perspectives and finding your unique path to healing.